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Mar 28, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. will not be there long and it's in america's interest to act. derek mcginty joins us with the very latest. derek. >> the president's speech comes as libyan rebels have been battling their way back, but without the air attacks led by this nation and that coalition of nato forces, it would be a far different story. >> libyan rebels are pushing west to the last government stronghold outside tripoli. they stopped their pickup trucks mounted with machine guns outside moammar gadhafi's home. coalition strikes against gadhafi's defenses have allowed the opposition forces to quickly sweep across the coast. but, the nato general about to take command insists the air strikes are not designed to provide cover for the rebels. >> our goal is to help protect civilians. >> u.s. is all set to hand over leadership of the week old operation to nato in a matter of days. still, critics are questioning america's voft and want to know how long the u.s. will stay. >> our involvement there is going be limited. both in time and in scope. >> lawmakers have been calling on the president to clarify his positi
Mar 25, 2011 5:00pm EDT
out until there is reform. >>> one of america's bravest will soon have a new place to live. today, homes for our troops broke ground on a home for a soldier. he lost his arm and leg. his new house will be specially adapted to his physical limitations. so it will be easy for him and his family to get around. >>> a part of washington is now named after former congress secretary ronald brown. the heavily traveled block of 14th street was ceremonially renamed ron brown today. he died 15 years ago in kuwait in a plane crash. his son introduced the street renaming. >>> the national cherry blossom festival. the event gets underway with events on the national mall and at the tidal basin. the beautiful blossoms are expected to peak next tuesday. they can have english tea on a yacht and take classes on the best way to photograph those flowers. the festival runs through april 10th. >>> the cherry blossom festival not the only big event going this weekend. anita brikman is live where the runners are picking up their numbers at the dc armory. >> reporter: the national marathon is growing in le
Mar 2, 2011 5:00pm EST
library of congress. read across america day. an annual celebration of reading held on dr. seuss' birthday. among those reading to the children actress jessica alba and donald driver, wide receiver. >>> time for a check on the evening rush. monica will get you there. >> we have lots to tell you especially about the beltway. first, let me tell you what is going on if you're planning to commute by train. trains running on time. disabled trains on the brunswick line 873 and 891. you can expect delays. we will keep you posted on that situation. let's head outside now. american legion bridge right here at the outer loop of the beltway for about the last 45 minutes there was an incident on the left side. it was just cleared out of the road but they are long enough to cause a solid backup from at least 270 heading southbound on the beltway, across the bridge span whereas you can see the pace is now improving but on the inner loop on this side you've got delays beginning basically at the georgetown pike passing through 270. doesn't let up until you get to new hampshire avenue. now over t
Mar 29, 2011 5:00pm EDT
retreated from the government stronghold, this fighter said where is america? where is great britain? they should come here and help us. air strikes have helped rebels regain territory. under the u.n. resolution, the military operation is limited to protecting civilians. secretary of state, hillary clinton, met with representatives in london. ahead of a conference with more than 40 international partners to discuss libya's future. >> we must continue to pursue the broader goal of a libya that belongs not to a dictator, but to the libyan people. >> increase pressure on gadhafi, but they did not talk about arming the rebels. >> we have not made any decision about arming the rebels or providing any arms transfers. >> president obama says gadhafi needs to leave, but he ruled out using u.s. troops to oust him. on capitol hill, some lawmakers argue more force may be necessary to get gadhafi to go. glth is the libyan people's fight, but we need to continue to help make it a fairer fight. >> simpson submarines fired missiles at targets in tripoli tuesday. the pentagon says the price tag for settin
Mar 22, 2011 5:00pm EDT
question. >>> chris brown reportedly loses his cool after walking off the set of good morning america and we will show you the results. >>> women aren't the only ones getting nipped and tucked. plastic surgery is becoming more popular with the guys. >>> a looming budget crisis threatens a prek program proven to work. >> a new education report out today says more and more at risk children in maryland are better prepared for kindergarten. program directors hope that will help keep the classes afloat. >> exclamation marks mean you say that word with -- >> enthusiasm. that's right. >> and these children are enthusiastic about being in school, so we took a closer look at why. >> i see bright stuff. >> it's all in the unique approach to teaching. kids write their numbers not with a pencil and paper, but with shaving cream. the nontraditional way of learning is designed to be fun. >> we like to play on computers. >> when we are speaking the letters, we teach it in song. >> their method seems to be working. according to maryland's division of early childhood development. 80% of four-year-olds
Mar 31, 2011 5:00pm EDT
? >> reporter: these seven shy workers are america's newest mega millionaires and they are overwhelmed. >> it is a blur. >> hasn't sunk in. >> still in disbelief. >> they pitched in just $2 a piece for 14 quick picks. >> looked at the numbers and looked at them and i'm like, this is for real. >> now each one takes home 19. 1 million after taxes. >> i want a dish washer. >> reporter: they bought the ticket just down the street from where the group works. he reached down for a snicker's bar, someone bought a lottery ticket ahead of him. the next one out of the machine was the mega millions winner. >> i'm thinking later on after all this went down, that guy would have won the ticket instead of me. i don't know. >> reporter: he was in charge of looking after the peace of the pipeworts $319 million. >> they put it in two zip lock bags hid it in my basement. i didn't know what to do with it. >> the group now named albany 7 haven't been back to work and haven't decided if they will go back. would you? >> i would not go back. >> usually each week 12 people participated in that group buy of the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6